Reverse IP Lookup

It's not just our domain experience that is impressive. It is also our private domain database of 625 mln existing and expired domain names which is almost unrivaled. It covers all TLDs and includes almost all domains in ccTLDs. What's more, we can get their IP addresses, NS server or MX records and thus offer you the most comprehensive reverse IP lookup service. Reverse IP grows more popular by the day and with good reason. Its wide application is indispensable for internet researchers, companies, investigators, and domainers alike.

How can our reverse IP lookup serve you? It helps you look up potentially questionable websites such as scamming websites sharing your IP address. You may wish not to have your IP address associated with suspicious content.

In combination with our reverse Whois service, reverse IP allows you to find out which domains belong to the same domain owner (even if they have private Whois). This is useful if you want to check all domains owned by a potential trademark abuser, scammer, criminal etc.

With the data you collect from reverse IP, NS and MX lookups, you can conduct a variety of research. For example, monitoring your competition's activities, marketing, researching hosting and parking companies, tracking potential malicious behaviour, etc.

Whatever your custom needs for reverse IP lookup, we can meet them!

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